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eCash Card FAQs

Where can I use my eCash card?

The eCash card can only be used for payments at the cafeteria Points of Sales (POS) operated by Giftease, within Cybage premises

How do I recharge my eCash card?

You can use either of the following recharge options to top-up the balance on your eCash card:

  1. Visit Cybage Online Store and choose your recharge value. Recharge denominations of Rs. 100, Rs. 200, Rs. 500 and Rs. 1000 are available on the Cybage Online Store, through which, you can recharge eCash.

  2. eCash can also be recharged at the kiosks located in the cafeteria For either option, you can pay using your Mastercard/Visa Credit Card, Debit Card, Netbanking, or through one of the wallets supported by the online payment gateway.

I recharged my eCash card, but did not receive an update on my balance. What should I do?

Please wait before you reach out. The system may take up to an hour to update your balance. In case you still do not receive an update, please call our customer care on +91 7447787522 or send an email to cybage_cafe_support@cybage.com.

Can I ask my colleague to recharge my eCash card if I am unable to do so?

No. Your eCash card is linked to your individual Cybage employee profile. In case you are facing issues while recharging your eCash, please contact +91 7447787522 or send an email to cybage_cafe_support@cybage.com.

What is the validity of my eCash, after I do a top-up?

eCash shall be valid for 180 days from top up. Any eCash balance which is not utilised within 180 days, on First In First Out basis, will lapse, and cannot be used. No refunds can be given in cash or equivalent once the eCash top up is made.

I want to change my order in the cafeteria, after I have paid for it, with a different priced item? How can I do this?

On-the-spot order cancellation can be done by informing the vendor. You will receive an instant refund once the order is cancelled by the vendor. Now, you may place a fresh order.

How do I track how much I’ve spent from my eCash card?

We help you keep track of your spending on your eCash card.

  1. We send you an email alert for every transaction, on your Cybage email ID.
  2. We send you a monthly statement.
  3. You can track your spending by logging into Cybage Online Store and visiting the ‘My Account’ section.

I’ve lost my eCash card. What should I do?

In case you lose your eCash card, you should immediately block it to prevent any misuse. Log in to Cybage Online Store and select ‘Block My Card’ option in My Account section. Apply for a new eCash card by contacting HR on the following email id cybage_cafe_support@cybage.com. An amount of Rs. 250/- would be levied in case of replacement or for a lost/damaged card.

How do I issue a new eCash card?

very employee is issued an eCash card on joining. In case you lose or damage your eCash card, you will need to apply for a new one. Please send an email to HR at cybage_cafe_support@cybage.com. An amount of Rs. 250/- would be levied in case of replacement or for a lost/damaged card.


Can I get a refund on my credit card/ bank account if I have balance on my eCash Card, but do not want to/am not able to use it?

No. You cannot request for a refund via the system. In case you have reached the end of your tenure at Cybage, please send an email to cybage_cafe_support@cybage.com regarding your balance.

I am working on a Saturday. Do I still have to use my eCash Card?

Yes. Cybage is proud to be cashless!